Real Lives


Casey Davis

Thursday, May 28th, 2009

Father and student

Casey is a modest man. He doesn’t revel in nor seek the limelight.  But despite growing up in a broken home he is determined to change the “pattern” and won’t allow any talk of divorce in his marriage. He works very hard at his marriage to keep improving and communicating with his wife and two daughters.

Despite having to go to summer school to graduate high school with grades barely above D, he proved everyone wrong when he went back to school at age 26. He had to work like a dog trying to catch up in all the skills he would have learned in high school when he started college and finished his first semester with a 4.0. He maintained a 4.0 for his first two years of college and still has an impressive 3.65 here at Oregon State University.

Despite the fact that he was a drug user and dealer during his teen years, he became a high school ministry leader at age 27 and gave his testimony to several high school kids and encouraged them to stay out of drugs. He did a Bible Study with a group of boys every Wednesday night. He would open the church gym every Friday night (trouble night) and play basketball with the guys and the other kids they invited. He mentored 6 fourteen year old boys who were all without a father – all while going to school, working part time and being a devoted husband.

Despite having a family that turns their back on God, Casey is a witness every chance he gets. Not only does he “live the life” but he prays with and for his family members when ever he can. He never fails to mention how God is the reason he has the life he has.

Despite the fear that can surround new Christians, Casey completely surrendered himself to God when he recommitted his life to Jesus in 2003.  Later that year, he went on a missions trip to Mexico where he repaired and built a church in the slums. He dreams of doing more mission trips and has never said “no” to God when He called him.

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