Better Intermediate Futures

I am currently working through the book “Church Unique: How Missional Leaders Cast Vision, Capture Culture, and Create Movement.” It has been a stimulating read.  I would encourage anyone in Christian ministry to read Will Mancini’s book.

I just re-read a paragraph I believe captures the Kaleo Life.  The parapgraph is titled “Better Intermediate Futures” and I share it with you because I would like to hear what you’re thoughts are on it.  Here it is: “For some of us, there is a clear realization that things are not as they should be.  Marked by a holy discontent, leaders rise to take action.  Moved to make a difference, leaders see a better possibility, a vision of a preferred future.  As each leader relates, rules, and rescues with God in this messy world, God reveals to him or her a better intermediate future to pursue.  That is, God sparks in their hearts new ideas, new aspirations, and new mental pictures of what could be.  It may be the vision to start a battered wives shelter, plant a church in downtown. . ., reach kids with the gospel using basketball, adopt an unreached people group, or start an orphanage in Kenya.  Whatever it may be, this vision of a better future is really an intermediate future, because it is one vision expression among many throughout history – as a domino in the middle of the procession, tilting toward the next one in line.  It plays a minor yet important part in moving toward God’s future utopia” (Will Mancini, Church Unique, Jossey-Bass, 2008; p.72).

What are your thoughts?  What is it that God may be “sparking” in your heart these days?  Will you attempt to give form to it realizing it may be part of God’s call to move us all toward His preferred future?  What will your domino trigger in those closest to you?

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