Good Friday.

The Kaleo Life finds its beginning in Good Friday.  That is how we began our Good Friday service at our church ( last night.  During the service we reflected upon the “Last Words of Jesus” while he hung dying on the cross and after each reflection, a candle was extinguished until we sat in complete, utter darkness (our service was adapted from Rev. Richard J. Fairchild’s service of the same name)  .  Just before the darkness engulfed us, a man stood and reflected upon Jesus’ final word: “Father, into your hands, I commit my spirit.”  He spoke these words:

“Why would he choose to speak so close to the end? Why would he muster the last energy he had to cry out with a loud voice? Couldn’t God have heard his thoughts? Unless God wasn’t the only one intended to hear. Unless his voice was pitched loud so that we too might hear this final dedication of his soul.

A dedication made despite the pain,

despite the mocking,

despite the agony,

despite the sense of horrible aloneness he felt.

A dedication made to God

before the resurrection,

before the victory of the kingdom,

before any assurance other than that which faith could bring.

Jesus entrusts his spirit — his life –

and all that has given it meaning — to God in faith,

even at the point of his own abandonment

when the good seems so very far away

he proclaims his faith in God,

the darkness cannot overcome it.”

Wow!  That is the cry of a soul surrendered.  May we all live so surrendered. That is the Kaleo Life.  Thank God Jesus was obedient to death, even death on a cross so we now we have the hope of the Easter Resurrection in our lives.  Have an incredible Easter Sunday!

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