Kaleo Life and LeBron James

Most of us know Lebron James as one of the NBA’s most dominant players.  If you were to poll 100 people who knew Lebron, these 100 people would say that Lebron is a basketball player.  Building on our understanding of who Lebron James is, State Farm Insurance created an Ad of Lebron playing NOT basketball – the sport for which he is incredibly gifted and talented and the sport he makes looks so effortless – but the Ad has Lebron playing football.  Now I’m a huge football fan, and because of the incredible athlete Lebron is I’m sure he be good at football.  It might even be fun to watch Lebron suit-up for a football game.  But my inclination is that however good he might be, he’d never reach the pinnacle in football as he has in basketball.  It would be like Michael Jordan playing baseball.

How does this relate to the Kaleo life?  Well, those who are living the Kaleo Life are playing in their ‘true’ game, they’re in the arena for which they’ve been created, and even though it may be difficult at times, there is a deep sense of satisfaction with liberal doses of fun laughter.

What happens when you’re not living Kaleo Life?  Invariably, bitterness, resentment, envy or even boredom come when you’re playing in the wrong game.  Frustration will be the feeling most days when playing a sport not ‘yours’.

So let me ask you: what attitude best captures your outlook these days?  Satisfaction or Frustration?

If your attitude is one of frustration: who has lead you to believe the game you’re playing is your game?

Perhaps today is the day when God through his Holy Spirit will speak to you and release you from a false understanding of His kaleo upon your life and give you the permission to move into a totally new arena with complete freedom.

If that is your desire, why not invite the Holy Spirit to begin his work?  I’ve prayed this prayer before.  Maybe God will use it in your life today:

“Lord, make known to me which game is truly mine. Would you allow your Spirit to either help me bloom where I’m planted by creating a love and deep-rooted satisfaction with my work – a change of heart so thoroughly radical that it could only be you OR would you heap the dissatisfaction so heavy upon me that I am forced to make a change. God, may your Holy Spirit wake me from my slumber of playing this game which is increasingly becoming my mistaken game and like Lebron daydreaming for the NFL yet his true calling is NBA, please make known to me my true game. Amen.”

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