Kaleo means. . .

People ask, “why Kaleo”? My response is “why not”?  Kaleo is one of the New Testament Greek words for Calling. It means: “To call; to invite; to name; to be selected.” The other words are Klases and Klatos.  All three of these words come from the same root word in Greek, but honestly, doesn’t Klases and Klatos sound like a bad skin disease? So Kaleo it is.  And Kaleo works on several levels:

(1) First, we are Called into a Relationship with God – The Bible says that we are called to:

a -  belong to God (Rom 1:6-7),

b – heavenward (Phil 3:14),

c – called to salvation (2 Thess 2:14),

d – to eternal life (1 Tim 6:12),

e – into a New Covenant (Heb 9:15),

And if you haven’t responded to God on that level, the Kaleo Life just won’t make any sense to you.

But the Bible says we’re also

(2)   Called into a New Community -

a – called saints, community of holy ones (Rom 1:7)

b – called into fellowship (1 Cor 1:9)

c – one body (Col 3:15)

(3)   We are Called into New Responsibilities -

a – called to be holy (1 Cor 1.2; 2 Tim 1.9),

b – called to live in peace (1 Cor 7.15; Col 3:15),

c – called to be free (Gal 5:13)

d – called to live lives of compassion (1 Peter 3.8-9)

Taken as a whole then, the Kaleo Life is the Life lived in total response to this Call.  What level of Kaleo are you living today?  We’d love to hear your story so please, take a moment and let us know how you’re attempting to live the Kaleo Life.

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