The Battle of Saratoga and a Kaleo Life ‘turning point’

What has been called by some as the ‘turning point’ of the American Revolutionary War, the Battle of Saratoga in the Fall of 1777 can still be a ‘turning point’ in the lives of us who desire to live the Kaleo Life.

In September and October of 1777, on the same ground and on two different dates separated by eighteen days, American and British soldiers fought the Battle of Saratoga.  On the eve of the battle, Patriot troops recognized that the British regiment had more soldiers, more gunpowder, more muskets and more shots.

Daniel Morgan of New Hampshire was commanding the ragtag group of farmers known as “Morgan’s Rifles”. He met with his men the night before the battle to instruct them: “Don’t waste your shot on those who fight for sixpence a day. Save your shot for the epaulet men.”

Morgan’s point was simple: Patriot troops could not afford to waste their limited shots on the ordinary soldier.  Instead, they were to target the officers, the ones with the epaulets on their shoulders.

This strategy devastated the British. By the second day of the battle, British officer ranks were decimated.  The British regiment still had plenty of men, firepower and supplies, yet they surrendered to the Patriots.

The young American nation went on to win the war.  I believe that to this day, officers are no longer identified on the battlefield because this ‘turning point’ principle is true: As goes the leader, so goes the battle.

For those of us trying to live the Kaleo Life and being obedient to God, this is a vivid reminder.  A walk with God is a declaration of war.  What makes living Kaleo so hard is we live every moment of our life on enemy soil.  There is a spiritual enemy. He is real. He is seeking to devour and destroy ‘officers of this spiritual battle’.

If we are going to survive in this reality, we need to live prepared. We need to focus on key habits that will ensure our ongoing health.  What are some habits you are practicing and finding to be effective in fully living Kaleo?

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