The Rosetta Stone, Helen Keller & Kaleo

In 1799 a group of French soldiers rebuilding a fort at Rashid (Rosetta) in Egypt discovered a 3-sided stone which had markings on it dating back to 200 years before Christ.  This 3-sided stone is known as the Rosetta Stone. On one side it contained hieroglyphics, another side had the common script of Egypt and the third side was written in Greek.   It’s discovery unlocked the secrets of Ancient Egypt.  By comparing the unknown with the known, a whole new world was opened.

At 19 months of age Heln Keller was struck deaf, dumb, and mute by a virus.  She would have remained forever trapped in her prison of silence had it not been for the heroic efforts of her teacher, Annie Sullivan.  The turning point in Helen’s life came when Miss Sullivan gave her one word – WATER.  When Helen discovered that one word, she discovered the world.

Kaleo is an old Greek word which presents us with one of life’s greatest challenges: meshing our beliefs into everyday reality.  As a follower of Jesus Christ, Kaleo refers to those beliefs informed and influenced by the life and teaching of Jesus Christ.  And I realize this is much harder in practice than it is on paper.  But I am convinced that if God speaks to us anywhere, it is in our daily lives.

Tim Hansel once said: “it is more important to live one word from the Bible than it is to memorize volumes.”  Kaleo, for any who are serious about it, will be a breakthrough to a whole new dimension of what we call the Christian Life because it is a lived reality.  And the heart-pounding, adrenaline-rushing reality is that you become a Rosetta Stone or a Helen Keller as you become a window through which others will see and experience greater fullness in Christ.

That is the Kaleo Life.

Are you up for the challenge?

If you’re living it, let us know about it!

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