What's Your Life Worth?

A New Year’s resolution that I made in 2009 and recommitted to doing in 2010 was spiritual journaling.  I’ve never been good at journaling, but by following the Life Journal Plan developed by Wayne Cordeiro, I have found spiritual journaling to not only be doable but very rewarding.  This year, with the help of’s YouVersion of the bible and the ability to collaborate with others who are journaling, my spiritual walk is taking on new and richer dimensions.  Not only am I able to share what God has been revealing and speaking to me but I am able to learn from others as they listen to God and share their discoveries. 

It is the observations shared by another YouVersion contributor that I share here.  Now, you need to know up front, that the goal of these Reflections is not to steal others ideas but to encourage us all to obediently seek and follow God’s calling upon our lives.  But this one entry caught my attention for several reasons:
(a)    The Post was attributed to MoviePastor.  Now, anyone close to me or anyone who’s been under my ministry knows I’m an avid movie fan and utilize movies and media frequently.  I’ve often been called ‘The Movie Pastor’.
(b)    MoviePastor evidently pastors a church called Crosspoint.  Hmmm.  Before I assumed my current ministry role, I started a church in the suburbs of Seattle, WA called, Crosspointe.
(c)    The Post itself directly addresses the Kaleo Life. 

So, needless to say, as I read this MoviePastor’s entry I found myself asking, “did I submit this?!” I didn’t, but I’m glad MoviePastor did.  May you be encouraged and challenged by what he shares.  And MoviePastor, whoever you are, well, “Thank You”. Here is what he wrote:

“A few weeks ago I had quite a scare with what I thought was a heart problem.  It scared me.  It also made me evaluate a lot of things.  Quite honestly I hope that I always wrestle with the question – how do  I measure what my life is worth – so that I make sure I do the most important things.  This passage in Acts where he meets with the Elders of the church he says something AMAZING:

Acts 20:24 “But my life is worth nothing to me unless I use it for finishing the work assigned me by the Lord Jesus—the work of telling others the Good News about the wonderful grace of God.”

What is my worth and how will I measure if I have been successful?   Only by figuring out what is most important and then doing that.  The work assigned to me by the Lord Jesus.  I know my calling is the Pastor of Crosspoint.  To finish that work of telling people far from God about the wonderful grace of God I must order my life in the right way.
That means I give priorities to things that will help – things like sound financial management, physical health, emotional health, my personal walk with Christ, taking my time off, keeping my family relationships tight and vibrant and flourishing, working with a team of people who are leaders leading leaders so that we “move the ball down the field” instead of just working harder and harder and harder.   Training the right people, taking the right steps at the right time as a church and so on.

You can even see in this chapter – Paul structured his life and journey so that he could finish the task assigned by God.  Paul wasn’t reacting to life and situations.  He had a plan, followed the Spirit as the plan unfolded and evolved, and he did everything possible to achieve the plan and then make sure that others knew how to continue it in his absence.

What is your life worth?  

How will you measure it?  

Do you have a plan to accomplish it?  

Will it carry on after you are done?”

Great questions for us all to seriously ponder as we seek to live the Kaleo Life.

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